Martin Gallagher


Martin Gallagher

Google Go / Golang Developer specialising in data mining, retrieval and analysis.



Google Go / Golang, Java, HTML / HTML5, JavaScript, CSS / CSS3, PHP, SQL, XML, XSL / XSLT, some experience in C/C++.


RDBMS: PostgreSQL and MySQL. Experience of systems with billions of rows of data. Well versed in the full-text search engine Sphinx, setup and optimisation. “NoSQL”: Apache Cassandra and Redis.


Developer2011 - Current

Develop systems to crawl high volumes of data from sources across the web; analysing and making the data set searchable to clients. My specific projects have included the monitoring of social networks VKontakte and Twitter-like Chinese social networks Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo. Outside of crawling I have worked on tools to improve Unicode support of Sphinx deployments and a host of backend system tools. Technologies used include PHP, MySQL, Sphinx, Unicode, social network APIs including YouTube, VKontakte, Sina and Tencent Weibo & more.

One Iota Ltd.
Technology Developer2010 - 2011

Working on a multitude of technologies and projects, from brand awareness systems implemented in Java to Facebook applications and HTML5 mobile websites including the first iteration of FootAsylum’s mobile website optimised for WebKit browsers. Technologies used included HTML5, CSS3, Java, PHP, JavaScript (jQuery) and Facebook & Twitter APIs.

Software Systems Europe

Duties included the maintenance and installation of bespoke software for companies in the textile industry. Software built on the Windows platform using Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server.

Self Employment

Speeple News
2004 - 2010

News search site developed, designed and run by myself. Frontend developed using PHP, crawling was handled by a custom multithreaded Java crawler feeding the MySQL & Sphinx backend. The accumulated news (sourced from syndication formats i.e. RSS & Atom) data was in the hundreds of gigabytes and fully searchable using a single server.
2003 - 2006

A popular search engine for RSS feeds & content, particularly news. PHP frontend backed by MySQL fed by crawlers built using PHP and LibXML.


2012 - Current

A collection of open source projects and services built using Java, Go, JavaScript, HTML5 backed by PostgreSQL, Redis and Apache Cassandra.


2012 - Current

Providing insights into colours - producing complementary and related palettes for any hex, RGB / RGBA, HSL / HSLA format colour along with information and conversions to several other popular colour spaces. Colour profile pages are dynamically styled from the given hex colour. This service was constructed entirely using Node.js and JavaScript.


My interests include programming, natural history, football (both playing and as a spectator) and weight / sprint training.